Prudential #WomenInspired Chicago Event: Recap


You often hear me talk about my grandfather who came to Chicago from Flora, Mississippi during The Great Migration seeking a better life. Grandpa Robert’s better life consisted of him driving a pick-up truck and working his finger to the bones everyday at the meat factory. He was diagnosed with prostrate cancer and didn’t tell the family until it was in the fourth stage. I was 12 years old when my grandfather died. I didn’t have much time with him here on earth, but little did I know his memory would follow me throughout my life. Read More…

She Lost Her Husband. He Lost His Wife. Both Widowed, They Found Each Other.


Meet Jordan & Jessica Rice.
I first heard about their story while Steve and I were dating. It stuck out, because Steve can identify with their journey of losing a spouse. Last summer we had a chance to have lunch with them in Harlem and meet their adorable baby, Jameson. We also had a chance to discuss death and God’s providence. It was beautiful.
I had a chance to interview them for Black & Married with Kids. Click here to read the interview.

P.S. God writes the best love stories <3

Can You Make it Rain Harder? : Prince Been Making Lemonade Since 2007

I promise this isn’t another think piece on how Beyonce’s visual album¬†“Lemonade” is the message Black women have been waiting to see in¬†mainstream media, although in a way it is. Although, if you ask me, I¬†like to think of “Lemonade” as a creative confirmation of what we¬†already knew: Black women are gracefully resilient. Our struggles are¬†many, but we will always come through on the other side better, happy,¬†laughing, and free.


Simply put, Lemonade was good. As a creative, I was able to appreciate¬†every aspect of it. Beyonce got me over here brainstorming on how to¬†step my game up in my next photo shoot (after I lose 20+ pounds of¬†course). I could sing “Lemonade” praises all day, but truth be told, I¬†can’t stop thinking about Prince. Read More…