The Beef Between Africans & African Americans


You’re not African American, you’re American. You guys just say African American so you can have some relation to Africa.

These are the words that were spoken to me from a Nigerian lady that I attended college with. It was hurtful to hear her say this. I have traveled to Zambia twice and the first time was challenging. In a debriefing session I explained to the white people on the trip, that my entire life I had been told that I am African American, and here I was in Africa, my Motherland, with no culture to call my own. When a man in the market realized that I couldn’t speak Bemba, he told my Zambian host that I should be ashamed of myself for not knowing my language. He didn’t know that I wasn’t from Zambia, because everything about me, along with the rest of the African American community screams Africa. While in Zambia, I noticed how Zambians looked just like African Americans back home. It was very evident that African Americans were from Africa.

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