No Body Shaming: 3 Ways I Can Love On My Body This Summer #Summer17Writing : Day 7

Ever look at an old picture of yourself where you THOUGHT you were “fat” and wish you could be fat again like you were in that picture? That’s how I feel about the picture above. I was 27-years-old, single, and struggled BIG TIME with my body image.

When I first found out I was pregnant I told my friend Resheida that I was going do everything to ensure I didn’t gain too much weight. She immediately lashed at me saying “I will NOT let you body shame yourself!”. BODY SHAME MYSELF. In that moment I realized I’d body shamed myself for YEARS, as if the pressure to be perfect from society wasn’t enough. Want to know a secret? It wasn’t long ago that I literally asked God to give me confidence to love my body at whatever size it is. I haven’t mastered it completely, but I’m almost there. Read More…

My Solo Summer Book Club #Summer17Writing : Day 5

Welcome to Day 5 of “21 Days of Summer Writing Challenge”. Today we’re sharing what books we’re burying ourselves in this summer.

I used to be able to start and finish a book within 3 days. But thanks to life, adulthood, bills, marriage, etc., it takes me YEARS to finish one book. Okay, not years but definitely weeks. Welp, along with the many challenges I’ve taken on this summer, I’m challenging myself to read a book per month this summer. Here are my three. Read More…

My Mood Ring #SelfCare #Summer17Writing : Day 4

I absolutely LOVE today’s writing prompt of the “21 Days of Summer” Writing Challenge:

If you put on a mood ring right now what color would it be and why?

The term self-care has been OVER used in the last two years. But since I love what it stands for I’ve found myself using the hashtag when getting a pedicure or indulging in a book, etc. However, it wasn’t until today that I used self-care as a act of checking in on my emotions.  Read More…

Allow Me to “Reintroduce Myself” Video #Summer17Writing : Day 3

Drama at its finest. It was destined, lol.

Welcome to Day 3 of #Summer17Writing. My sis Siren and I created this challenge because we were in a creative slump and wanted to create more content. We’re so happy for those who have joined us.

Today’s writing prompt: Name one thing you can do in the next 3 weeks that will bring you closer to your business or academic goals.

I almost feel guilty naming one when I know it’s over 100 things I should have BEEN completed to get me closer to my business goals, but here it goes: Film “Reintroduce Myself” video. Let me explain.

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Becoming the Woman of God My Child Needs Me to Be #Summer17Writing : Day 2

Mommy. Me. Mother-in-Love

Mommy. Me. Mother-in-Love

They say motherhood begins at conception. They ain’t never lied.

The moment I discovered I was pregnant I began to alter my lifestyle. I now opt for a natural beauty routine, because what we put on our skin goes into our bloodstream. I’ll never understand why although I knew this fact I never switched up my products until now. I make sure I take my prenatal vitamins everyday (I live with a huge amount of guilt the few times I forget) and drink plenty of water. I would brag on the fact that I stopped eating sweets, but I had nothing to do with that decision. Talk about food aversions. Unlike me, Baby Carpenter despises desserts. SOS. But for the most part I intentionally changed a lot of things. Steve and I have even started having conversations about the type of music we will play around our child, because true me, it matters.

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Once Upon a Summer in Chicago When Everybody Was Alive #Summer17Writing : Day 1


As a child the last day of school was always the best day of my life after Christmas.

It would begin in late spring when summer would tease us with the glory of what was to come. When bubble coats and wools hats no longer served their purpose. We’d shed off our extra layers and run out to recess. Spring fever was at an all time high as teachers and students struggled to finish the year strong. The last school bell on the last day of school signified that we’d made it. Grey skies, snowstorms, and freezing temperatures were officially a thing of the past. Our future was bright with summer camp, bussing open the fire hydrant, choke sandwiches, chasing ice cream truck, pickles & sunflower seeds, a family trip down South, and the grand finale would be the Bud Biliken Parade.

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I’m Officially A Filmmaker & Why I Can’t Be Silent Anymore: Life Update


I’m alive and my hope has been restored.

In early December I felt like I had nothing to look forward to. I won’t go into the details of everything, but just know it was bad. “Good Morning Heartache” was my theme song. Blue was the color of life. I was grieving. What exactly? Everything I felt like I lost. I had little desire to live, because I didn’t see my purpose. But I also had no desire to die. So I just existed. Read More…