“Style With EDEN” Hits Chicago


Hey guys! If you follow me on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, you already know last week I was a hair model for EDEN BodyWorks “Style With EDEN” event here in Chicago. EDEN recently released their new Coconut Shea line and wanted to use Rachel O. and I as hair models to display the diversity of their product. One word describes my experience: EPIC. Read More…

#BlogHer15 in NYC with McDonald’s #McDBlogHer


As I write this post, I’m sitting in bed with my swollen feet propped all the way up. Yes, these feets are legit swollen after the madness that took place last weekend. If you follow me on Instagram & Twitter, you already know I was in NYC at the #BlogHer15 conference with McDonald’s. You read right, McDonald’s asked me to cover the conference, and of course I said HECKS-TO-THE-YES! Read More…

“When God Said Yes” Book Launch: Chicago Recap


Whewwwwwwwwwwww! Hey guys! Okay, I think I’m finally recouping from the Chicago launch of my first book “When God Said Yes”. What. A. Night. It was everything I dreamed of, and MORE. I want to thank my sponsors for making this day possible: EDEN BodyWorks, Black & Married With Kids, Sweet Blooms Cupcakes, Photos By Chaci, The Stork Bag, and Fashion Fair. Thank you for believing in me, and for saying… YES. Read More…

Why I Unfollowed Her


I try not to be petty when it comes to social media, but who am I kidding, we all have gotten our “social media feelings” hurt a time or two. However, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter who’s “following” us back or not, because I’ve come to the conclusion that real fellowship occurs offline. Even still, I HAD to unfollow her. Read More…

Sometimes It’s Hard Being Black & Christian


She told me about the business her father owned and my mind automatically began to wonder. I wasn’t playing the victim or having a pity party, but as I listened to my White friend talk about her father’s endeavors as an entrepreneur, I couldn’t help but to think of the potential entrepreneur stories that my father and grandfather were robbed of. My grandaddy came to Chicago from Mississippi, during the Great Migration. He worked 3 jobs to provide a better life for my grandmother and their 4 boys. He worked until cancer claimed his life. The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, because my father has the exact same work ethic. I’m proud to come from a family of hard working Black men. It’s who they naturally are, because they want to be. However, it’s who they HAVE to be as well. There’s no happy ending consisting of the playing fields being leveled, receiving 40 acres & a mule, or tokenism-free opportunities. Read More…

The Beef Between Africans & African Americans


You’re not African American, you’re American. You guys just say African American so you can have some relation to Africa.

These are the words that were spoken to me from a Nigerian lady that I attended college with. It was hurtful to hear her say this. I have traveled to Zambia twice and the first time was challenging. In a debriefing session I explained to the white people on the trip, that my entire life I had been told that I am African American, and here I was in Africa, my Motherland, with no culture to call my own. When a man in the market realized that I couldn’t speak Bemba, he told my Zambian host that I should be ashamed of myself for not knowing my language. He didn’t know that I wasn’t from Zambia, because everything about me, along with the rest of the African American community screams Africa. While in Zambia, I noticed how Zambians looked just like African Americans back home. It was very evident that African Americans were from Africa.

Read More…