Summer Soul Sessions

What happens when a group of women gather on Lake Michigan at 5 a.m. to watch the sunrise and pray? Pure goodness.

Last month my friend Shadee´ and I kicked off our first Summer Soul Session and it was everything I never knew I needed. Here’s a clip:

Are you in Chicago? Join us for the next session on August 23rd. Click here to register.

Love Always,


for the love of mississippi. part i.

I remember when I told my mothers side of the family that I’d accepted an internship with Dr. John Perkins and had to relocate to Jackson, Mississippi for one year. Some questioned if this Chicago girl would adjust to seeing chickens crossing the road. I told them I’d give it a try. I’m ashamed at how ignorant we were of the state that I now reverence as the foundation of my lineage. However, I would later discover that my paternal side of the family carried our roots with us from the South to the North often referring to ourselves as “Mississippi Mud”. Read More…

An Open Apology to Mary J. Blige

2018 may go down as the most successful year Mary J. Blige has ever had – career wise. The “Real Love” singer kicked off the year being honored with a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame, which if you ask me was long overdue. Two months later she was nominated for TWO Oscar’s for Best Supporting Actress (Mudbound) and Best Original Song in 2018 (Mudbound), becoming the first person nominated for an Academy Award for acting and song in the same year. I must also mention that Blige has been nominated for 31 Grammy’s of which she has had the pleasure of taking home 9. On any given day she’s every Black woman hair and body goals, and BFF crush. While her singing voice may always be the focus of a heated debate at the family reunion every year, Blige has still captured the hearts of millions of fans proving there’s just something about Mary. Read More…

Strong Enough To Bear the Children & Get Back To Business: Cruising In LA With Mitsubishi

“I’d be starving if I ate all the lies they fed.” -India Arie

If we’re honest society usually inundates us with the things we can no longer do once we become parents. This is especially true for moms who plan to pursue other endeavors outside of raising children. While some points are valid, I am determined to set my own limits and rise to my own expectations. This is why last month I traveled to La La Land for a work/fun trip. Read More…

I Got the Part! : Come See Me in “Comfort Stew”

Well, I guess I can finally say it, but this time with confidence:

I’m an actress!

If you’ve been following my journey you know that 2018 is a year of me pursuing my God given purpose of acting. Last month I auditioned for the eta theatre production of “Comfort Stew” directed by Cheryl Lynn Bruce. While driving to a meeting in LA to discuss a pilot I created I got a phone call saying I was casted as the role of Alfreda. Needles to say I walked into that meeting feeling like a slightly younger Kerry Washington. Read More…