To Motown With Mazda

A few weeks ago my family and I did something that I’ve wanted to do for years. We woke up early and road tripped from Chicago to Detroit to visit the historic Motown Museum.

Our ignorance caused Steve and I to believe that we could simply pull up to the museum and walk in. That was not the case. As we searched for parking it dawned on us that we were embarking on a true legacy. Our group for the tour consisted of people from all over the globe. We were humbled and grateful to be in that space.

My husband is a musician and a HUGE Stevie Wonder fan, so it meant a lot for him to stand in Studio A where many Motown hits were recorded. He looks cool in this picture, but trust me he’s doing cartwheels on the inside.

Did you know there’s an African Bead Museum in Detroit? We stopped by before heading back home Saturday afternoon.

Lastly, I was a huge fan of MARTIN in the 90’s, so I absolutely had to stop by his “apartment”.

We definitely plan on returning to Motown with more family next summer. Until next year, shout out to MAZDA for making this trip possible.



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