Strong Enough To Bear the Children & Get Back To Business: Cruising In LA With Mitsubishi

“I’d be starving if I ate all the lies they fed.” -India Arie

If we’re honest society usually inundates us with the things we can no longer do once we become parents. This is especially true for moms who plan to pursue other endeavors outside of raising children. While some points are valid, I am determined to set my own limits and rise to my own expectations. This is why last month I traveled to La La Land for a work/fun trip.

You can’t do L.A. without a car. Period. There’s too much to see on top of extremely too much traffic. I was able to navigate those L.A. streets thanks to Mitsubishi.

They sent me a Mitsubishi Mirage which was compact – definitely needed to park in any overcrowded city. Also, thanks to its eco-friendly system I wasn’t a bit concerned about wasting gas while sitting in traffic. Lastly, its bluetooth function made it possible for me to easily play my “Happy Black Girl” TIDAL playlist and talk to Steve and Indi while I braved my way through those steep California hills.

I went to Cali to check out Sarah Jones one woman show “Sell/Buy/Date” as I prepare to write my own one woman show. My cousin Michael Swanson works for NBC and gave Resheida and I a tour of the lots which resulted in us running into Marlon Wayans. Lastly, we had a business meeting to discuss our pilot. Please pray that God would open a major door for us soon.

Until next time L.A….

Love Always,


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