I Got the Part! : Come See Me in “Comfort Stew”

Well, I guess I can finally say it, but this time with confidence:

I’m an actress!

If you’ve been following my journey you know that 2018 is a year of me pursuing my God given purpose of acting. Last month I auditioned for the eta theatre production of “Comfort Stew” directed by Cheryl Lynn Bruce. While driving to a meeting in LA to discuss a pilot I created I got a phone call saying I was casted as the role of Alfreda. Needles to say I walked into that meeting feeling like a slightly younger Kerry Washington.

But let me explain why this is a big deal for me.

  1. I grew up watching my father act in local plays at the eta theatre. Yep, in true “circle of life” tradition I am making my theatre debut on the same stage my father performed on. My dad never had a son, but I am proof that daughters can keep the legacy alive as well.
  2. My director is THEE Cheryl Lynn Bruce. Phenomenal actress. Brilliant director. Friends with The Obama’s. I’m just saying. Google her. The rehearsals have been hard and extremely intense, but I’m grateful for this opportunity.

This experience is confirmation that yes indeed I can be a mommy AND pursue my dreams, but it’s gonna require a lot. There is no way I could have pursued this endeavor without the support of my husband and our village, and the fact that I live seven minutes away from the theatre. Whew! That was God!

This cast is something special. My grandmother, Cheryl’s mother, and Fred’s sister have all become ancestors during our time together. I don’t find it ironic that we’re performing a story entitled “Comfort Stew” at a time when we need comfort ourselves. God be knowing.

I’d love for you to come check out “Comfort Stew”. Opening day is April 20. It runs until May 20. Click here to purchase tickets. Hope to see you there!

Love Always,



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