I Produced & Acted In “The Black Monologues”: I’m Back!

Me looking on like a proud Mama Bear.

Ya’ll already know the story. If not, here’s the quick version:

All my life I wanted to act. *Miss Sophia voice*

Immediately following high school  I went to Columbia College Chicago. My major was Theatre.

I dropped out after one semester, because the way my bank account was set up…

I continued to act until I was about 25-years-old, but my dream slowly became a dream deferred.

Summer 2017 I had a “come to Jesus” moment and realized God put the dream of acting inside of me to pursue.

I’m back.

Yes I produced AND acted in “The Black Monologues” 12 weeks after giving birth. My ancestors would be so proud of me.

Last year I had the idea to get a bunch of Black actors in the room to perform monologues. I thought it would be the perfect opportunity for us actors to be more united and a way for me to get to break into this world I’m pursuing. The idea was put on hold, because little did I know I was growing life inside of me. However, after giving birth to India, my husband Steve encouraged me to get the ball rolling again. I asked some of my favorite Black actors in Chicago to perform and they all said yes!

The first hour was spent performing monologues. Just Steve and Sharon Irving did a dope rendition of “Walk With Me Lord” and “Dear Chicago” during intermission and the last hour was a panel discussion with artists who work in the industry. It was everything I dreamed it would be and more.

People are urging me to do it monthly or at least quarterly, but I’m leaning towards annually. Why? I don’t want it to get old. I want “The Black Monologues” to be special and to outgrow my wildest dreams.

My husband said one day we’ll look back on these pictures and be in awe of how many famous actors were in the room who hadn’t bloomed yet. I believe him. Our moment is coming.

Wakanda Forever,

Tanikia C.

P.S. To everyone who performed a monologue, sat on the panel, hosted, bought a ticket, worked the door, moved a chair or helped out in any capacity- THANK YOU!

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