Why I Try to Get Darker Every Summer #Summer17Writing: Day 6

I didn’t grow up wanting to be light skinned. Nope. As an adolescent I was the exact opposite. I wanted to be, wait for it… DARKER.

My father told me the meaning of my name was “African Princess” and I believed him. I studied Black women and was amazed at how we as a people were like a coloring box: a variety of beautiful shades. But for some reason the darker mahogany hues stood out to me.

Today we have to share our summer go-to makeup look and I have to be honest. As SOON as summer begins my first priority is to get a tan. Why? All the dark spots that wouldn’t budge during winter and now blended into my skin. Also, being sun kissed by the sun gives me a natural glow. Everything else is secondary.

Love Always,


P.S. There’s still time to join “21 Days of Summer Writing Challenge”. Here are the prompts:



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