Becoming the Woman of God My Child Needs Me to Be #Summer17Writing : Day 2

Mommy. Me. Mother-in-Love

Mommy. Me. Mother-in-Love

They say motherhood begins at conception. They ain’t never lied.

The moment I discovered I was pregnant I began to alter my lifestyle. I now opt for a natural beauty routine, because what we put on our skin goes into our bloodstream. I’ll never understand why although I knew this fact I never switched up my products until now. I make sure I take my prenatal vitamins everyday (I live with a huge amount of guilt the few times I forget) and drink plenty of water. I would brag on the fact that I stopped eating sweets, but I had nothing to do with that decision. Talk about food aversions. Unlike me, Baby Carpenter despises desserts. SOS. But for the most part I intentionally changed a lot of things. Steve and I have even started having conversations about the type of music we will play around our child, because true me, it matters.

Last week I celebrated my 33rd birthday (shout out to my brother for informing me that I’m the same age Jesus was when he died) *wall slide*. Every year around my birthday I set aside time to reflect on the previous year and write out goal for the next year. It dawned on me that although some of my personal goals are for myself, they will effect the life of my unborn child. It wasn’t sufficient enough for me to simply write how I plan to finish my pilot and have it picked up by Netflix. I had to go deeper. So here are my spiritual goals for the summer:

  1. Practice Patience. This is one of the fruits of the spirit that I struggle with. YEARS ago my mother made an observation about me and said I have zero patience for people with children. It was true. They were always late or couldn’t make it, because of their children. Now the tables have turned. I will need to have patience as a mom and I’ll need my family & friends to be patient with me.
  2. Study to Show Thyself Approved. How can I teach my child the things of God when I’ve yet to learn and study them for myself. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been in some juicy bible study. I’d studied apologetics. However, I know there’s more. I want to go DEEPER.
  3. More Time in Prayer. “It hurts my heart indeed to see those who I love in need. Knowing all I wonder why they never call on me.” -CeCe Winans. A few weeks ago I found myself stressing about how I was going to pull off my career in acting and screenwriting, when it dawned on me “the steps of a righteous man are ordered by the Lord”. I took a step back and asked God to guide my career. Why did I forget about the benefits that come with being able to communicate with the creator of the universe? I have no clue.

What are your spiritual goals for the summer? Let me know below.

P.S. Shout out to my mommy and mother-in-love for being the women of God their children need. I want to be just like you two 🙂

Love Always,





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