I’m Officially A Filmmaker & Why I Can’t Be Silent Anymore: Life Update


I’m alive and my hope has been restored.

In early December I felt like I had nothing to look forward to. I won’t go into the details of everything, but just know it was bad. “Good Morning Heartache” was my theme song. Blue was the color of life. I was grieving. What exactly? Everything I felt like I lost. I had little desire to live, because I didn’t see my purpose. But I also had no desire to die. So I just existed.

Rewind to July 2016 when my husband and I launched Black Owned Chicago which is a media company created for citizens and tourists who crave the African American experience in our city. Over the summer I filmed and edited two videos for Black Owned Chicago. One for Z Berry, which is the only Black & female owned frozen yogurt shop in Chicago. The second video was of Eden Place Nature Center which is the only Black owned ran farm & nature center in Chicago. Working on those projects awakened my first true love: Filmmaking.

I slowly started working on a video to say farewell to President Obama. My goal was to put a 5 minute video on Facebook of people who knew him well. But the more I interviewed people, the larger the project became. Simply putting it on Facebook wouldn’t do these stories any justice. So we decided to have it at The Harper Theater in Hyde Park a.k.a Home of Obama. We also decided to have it on January 19, 2017, the last day of President Obama’s presidency. Tickets sold out in two days. CBS even came by to interview us. You can watch that interview here. Talk about not having something to look forward to. Now I had much to look forward to and a lot of work to do. God is funny like that.

The night was a success! You can check out pictures from the screening of “Farewell Obama” here. I’ve been invited to show my documentary to a few college campuses. If you want me to come to your school, especially for Black History Month, shoot an email to info@tanikia.com.

Friends, life is finally making sense again. But as the pieces of my broken life start to come back together, I’m painfully watching our world (here in the U.S.) fall apart. Trump has literally muted the voices of the oppressed. It’s a reality show. Everyday I wonder what will he do next to set our country back 100 years. I’m worried. I’m even a little scared, but I won’t be silent. Now is not the time. We must speak out. Our very lives depend on it.

I’ll be doing my part by praying, writing, and filming. I will continue to highlight the beautiful struggle of the Black community. I will love my neighbor and proclaim that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. That’s my contribution.

What’s yours?

Love Always,


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