“You Can Do Hard Things” Episode 2 of GOLDEN


Raise your hand if 2016 was a hard year for you. I’m currently raising BOTH of my hands. This year was hard for a lot of people I know, including myself. While crying and texting my friend Nicole, I told her how I didn’t understand how I was suppose to go on with “business as usual” when I was hurting. Her response was simple:

“You can do hard things.”

It never left me. I often find myself quoting it throughout the week. I share it with friends and family who may be having a hard time as well. It’s forever etched in my mind. “You can do hard things.”

It was only right that I name episode 2 of GOLDEN “You Can Do Hard Things”. This episode is extra special, because my sister-in-love Jackie Hill Perry and beautiful niecey pooh Eden Grace make an appearance.

Alright, enough of me yapping… Here it is:

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Love you all!

Stay golden.

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