SURPRISE! Introducing “GOLDEN”: A Monthly Cinematic Devotional


What do you do when you want more from your devotionals? You create what you wish existed.

You’ve heard me say this summer was challenging on multiple occasions. Not only did I struggle with accepting God’s timing for us to start a family, I had a major internal struggle about my career. I was in the process of writing devotions that would be a free monthly download on my blog, but I honestly wasn’t feeling it. My passion for film had returned with a vengeance.

What’s funny is all year I kept telling my husband I felt like God was asking “What do you want to do?”, and I didn’t know how to quite answer. Finally, I surrendered. I want to create films.

I was about to throw out my idea of relaxing monthly devotionals, even though I already had written most of the content. While washing my hands in the bathroom God gently whispered to my spirit “Don’t throw away your devotions. Film them.”

Introducing “GOLDEN”! A monthly cinematic devotional. Here’s the first episode “Mama Said There’d Be Days Like This”.


Download your FREE worksheet for this devotional here! 

“Sleepers” song by Tommie Billups featuring Just Steve available here.

“Lovesick” song by Atmosphere of Heaven available here.

“When God Said Yes” book available here.

Mug by The Brkn Co.

Actress: Cherish Brown

Written, filmed, and produced by Tanikia.

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