Never In Your Wildest Dreams: Chicago Cubs & Filmmaking


What a time to be alive, yo! (did I really just say yo?) Ya’ll know I live in Chicago (born & raised) and two days ago the Chicago Cubs won the World Series! For those who don’t understand our legit tears of joy, it’s been 108 years (well it’s been two weeks for me #BandwagonFan). But anywho, the curse is broken!

Because I’m churchy I couldn’t help but to fall asleep pondering:

“Lord, what does this mean for Chicago?”

“What does this mean for me?”

And the Lord said unto me: “Nikki go to sleep.” Lol, I tried.

But seriously, I’d already planned on naming this post “Never In Your Wildest Dreams”, because I’m entering a new season in my life that I’d never thought I’d enter. Not even in my wildest dreams. I’ve hinted about a big project I’m launching this month. I can’t share what it is until November 6th (sign up here to be notified when the project drops), but I can say this: I’m finally pursuing a dream of mine that I’ve suppressed about as long as the Cubs 108 year drought: Filmmaking.

“All my life I wanted to create films.” (Miss Sophia voice) What stopped me? ME. I thought it was too hard. I thought I was content with writing. Meanwhile, going to the movies was bittersweet for me. I found myself imagining what angles I would have chosen, what editing software they used to edit, and a plethora of nerdy film stuff. While on one hand I thoroughly enjoyed the movies, on the other hand I would leave super sad. I yearned to be apart of film productions. I knew I didn’t have time to go to film school and on top of that I didn’t have ANY equipment. Needless to say my dream of being a filmmaker was a dream deferred…

“If you look at your history, you’ll see pieces of your destiny.” -Bishop T.D. Jakes

I read this quote when I was about 14 years old. It never left me and I’ve found it to be true in every area of my life. I was fascinated with the “people in the television”, because I had an affinity for actors and storytelling. My 7th grade teacher “randomly” had us study foreign films and motifs, because God wanted those seeds to be planted in me. I thought I was passing time while learning how to edit film in college, not knowing I was developing a vital skill that would help fulfill my purpose. Do you see the intentionality of God’s plans?!? Everything has lead me to this moment.

Did you know that Cubs player David Ross was the oldest catcher (he’s 39-years-old) in World Series history to hit a home run in the final game of his career?!?!

Here I was feeling anxious about the fact that I’m attempting to enter a new career at the age of 32. I’ve said this before, but let this be a lesson from the Cubs:

God isn’t concerned with our age. He moves in SEASONS.

Friends, it’s time for our wildest dreams. You ready?


Stay Golden,


P.S. Go Cubs Go!

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