It’s Time to Write a New Chapter


I’m currently writing my second book. Well, it’s no secret this season of my life has been hard. I’ve reflected that in all of my actions of which some I’m not proud of. I can’t tell you the name of book #2 just yet, but I can share this: I’ve spent the last few months stuck in writing about my experience with delayed fertility.

Because Steve and I were ready to start a family, we naturally thought God must have been ready as well. Not so. It’s been a grueling year. Ya’ll know I’m impatient. Mix that with a plethora of negative pregnancy tests and everybody & they mama around me being pregnant (seriously, was it something in the water? Can ya’ll send me a gallon?) you end up with a inconsistent version of myself. I openly discussed this topic in my video “Dear God, Where’s My Baby?”.

Sometimes I can’t believe I posted that video. It’s embarrassing. Sometimes I press play and let the brave girl in the screen speak to my soul, because that clearly couldn’t have been ME talking. Hypocrite. It’s a weekly struggle. Shoot, daily. Okay, hourly.

Last week while going about my morning routine, God gently dropped a new chapter in my spirit. Was I done writing murmuring about my delayed fertility? Yes and no. There was nothing more I could say except testify of God allowing us to conceive, and since that hasn’t happened yet, I was stuck (or so I thought). Nope, in typical God fashion and literally out of nowhere, God began to give me buckets of content for my next chapter. I instantly knew what he was saying spiritually and literally: It’s time to write a new chapter.

Most of us are have been stuck in the same chapter of our lives for YEARS. We’ve disabled ourselves from moving on as we struggle with writing a perfect ending. It’s time to write a new chapter, trusting that God the author and finisher of our faith, will make the previous one beautiful in its time (Ecclesiastes 3:11).

Stay golden,


P.S. I’m launching something BIG next month. Stay tuned 🙂

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