Summer 2016 Was My Worst Summer Ever

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When Steve and I first started dating 3 years ago each season was the “best season ever”, because we had each other. Our first summer together was our “best summer ever”. Our first fall together was our “best fall ever”. And on & on and on. You get the gist. However, for the first time this summer wasn’t another “best summer ever” for the books. It was the exact opposite: Worst. Summer. Ever.

We received some disheartening news that literally broke our hearts. But we overcame that hurdle, together. But that was just the beginning. All summer, we took hit after hit, spiritually. When it was time to kiss summer 2016 goodbye, instead of me dreading the day, I quickly chucked up the dueces.

I was in PAIN this summer. I was lost and confused, but I clung to God with the little strength I had. I prayed. I’m STILL praying. And out of NOWHERE, God released purpose to my pain (I hate how cliche that sounds, but it’s true! lol).

Summer 2016 wasn’t all sackcloth and ashes. It’s been a dream of mine for Steve to visit Los Angeles. This summer my dream came true. Check out pictures here. Steve and I also launched Black Owned Chicago which was created to be a resource for citizens and tourists who crave the African American experience. I began writing book number two, and my love for filmmaking was awakened. Last but not least, God gave me a special project that will be released next month. Seriously ya’ll stay tuned. I can’t WAIT to share. 

Why am I sharing this? Two reasons: 1. If you’ve been reading my writing on these internet streets for the past five years than you already know I always try to be transparent with you guys about where I am in life. 2. If you’re not in a hard season, just keep on living, it’s coming. And when it comes let my summer 2016 be a reminder that you don’t have to be afraid of the dark, because it simply pushes you to the light.

There is beauty in difficult seasons. Look again.

How can I pray for you? Send me an email or drop a comment below.

Stay golden,


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