California Dreaming

Last week (okay two months ago) Steve and I (over)packed up the family suitcase and headed West. It was Steve’s first time in La La Land, which meant we had to do EVERYTHING. Check out how we ate our way through L.A., window shopped for houses in Beverly Hills, and met recording artist/writer NEYO!


We set out a goal to hike to the famous Hollywood sign. We parked at Griffith Observatory and attempted to make our way to the top. We didn’t make it all the way up, because we kept taking pictures along the way, and Steve even did a mini video, lol. Also, we were #hangry = hungry + angry.



After pretending to hike a mountain one’s appetite will increase, so we trucked to the nearest In-N-Out Burger, because… When in Rome.



Fun fact: Bible verse John 3:16 is printed on the bottom of In-N-Out cups. Just like on the bottom of Forever 21 bags. #LOVE


And because we’re gluttons, after devouring In-N-Out we stopped at Randy’s for some of their famous donuts. Smh. Smh. Smh.


We just so happened to be in town for RHETORIC. Ever heard of Propaganda? I like his poetry. And, I got a chance to see my cousin Kevin Perry minister. #CherryOnTop




The next morning I had brunch with my blogger buddies Amber and Kimberly. LOVE them. I connected with Amber at Blogalicious a few years ago and Kim via SnapChat. Isn’t that amazing?!? They are now golden to me <3


We also frolicked through Beverly Hills and window shopped for a house because  girl can dream right?


And you can’t visit Los Angeles and not hit up Venice Beach.


I picked up a elephant to add to my collection.


Red hair, don’t care.


I LIVE for a California sunset.


And right before we headed to the airport we spotted Neyo at The Pink Taco, which has the BEST tacos I’ve EVER tasted. Hands down!

L.A. has a special place in my heart and I look forward to getting nauseous while driving through those hills again sometime soon.

Meanwhile, forgive me for being super late with this post. Two months to be exact. My excuse? Life. You can expect a new blog post every Friday. I love ya’ll.

Stay golden,


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