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“The girl is not dead but sleeping.”
Matthew 9:24

In 2013 I was working a job I absolutely HATED. On MULTIPLE occasions I tried to get a job in my field, but no doors would open. This caused me to lose sight of my dreams. 
There was one specific evening I’ll never forget. I’ve always had dreams of working in media and being creative, but at the time I was a Team Leader at an after-school program. On this particular evening ALL HOPE WAS LOST and I had the thought “I’ll probably never work on films”. That thought SCARED me. I’d always been a woman FULL of hope of faith. When did I become a pessimist? Something HAD to change.

After three years of enduring it was finally my time to leave. Did I have a new job? No. Did God say it was time to step out on faith and trust him? YES. I put in my two week notice with NOTHING lined up. I was willing to go back and live at my mother’s house. That’s how desperate I was for change. Two weeks later I managed to land two clients who wanted me to run their social media accounts. I didn’t have money for savings. I couldn’t do extra activities. Just the bare necessities. God provided me with my daily bread.

Three years later and God has been aggressively reminding me that my dreams were not dead, only sleeping. I’ve had the chance to visit the White House, write for JET magazine, be featured on a reality show on the TLC network, release two books and this is JUST the beginning. I give all glory to God for awakening my dreams!


Join me on August 9th for my FREE webinar “AWAKEN”. I will share the practical steps I took to awaken my dreams!

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