Surprise! Goals: Be More Like Christ t-shirts are back!


They’re baaaaaaaackkkk!

In November 2015 I was playing on Photoshop while brainstorming original quotes. At the time “Goals” was trending online. People would post pictures of their marriage goals, car goals, etc. As I thought of my goals, I realized there was only one that truly mattered: to be more like Christ. I quickly made the image and posted in online the next morning.

I was flattered and beyond blessed to see I shared the same goal as my brothers and sisters in Christ. I knew it couldn’t stop there. We had to keep the movement going.
On January 1, 2016 we launched the #BeMoreLikeChrist shirt. I was shipping out a mother load of shirts every week. As people tagged me online with pictures of themselves rocking their shirts, I couldn’t help but to thank God. What started as a small seed in my brain was flourishing into a garden.

Needless to say, we sold out of #BeMoreLikeShirts. Quick. A week hasn’t gone by without someone inquiring about the shirts. Well, I’m happy to announce they’re back!
Starting today you can pre-order your shirt!
Supplies are limited. Order today!

Purchase your shirt here.

All pre-orders will ship out August 5, 2016.

Thank you so much for your support. It means the world to me. xoxo.

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