32 Lessons I’ve Learned in Life #BirthdayPost


Today I opened chapter 32 in my book of life which is insane, because I was just reading chapter 28. In honor of me turning 32, I want to share 32 lessons I’ve learned in life. Read it and weep 🙂

  1. Worrying does nothing, but gives you gray hairs. This year I diagnosed myself with anxiety. After randomly waking up with a racing heart beat on MULTIPLE nights, I realized something was COMPLETELY off. The Lord’s yoke is easy and his burden is LIGHT (not heavy). I’m learning not to worry.
  2. Life is short, color your hair. Just make sure you deep condition once a week and use a leave-in-conditioner.
  3. Your body is a temple. Do better, Nik.
  4. Family is everything.
  5. Beware, you can deceive yourself. Everything ISN’T what you THINK it is. Jeremiah 17:9
  6. Social media is the best. Use it to stay connected with loved ones and promote your business.
  7. Social media is the worst. If not managed properly, it will destroy your time, and cause you to not to be present with the ones you’re with.
  8. African American history is AMERICAN history.
  9. Storytelling in any form is beautiful and powerful.
  10. Everyone of all ethnicities should watch ROOTS.
  11. All Black people should visit Africa at least once.
  12. Sharing or liking a post isn’t activism. I’ve been guilty of this 🙁
  13. You don’t have to respond to everything you disagree with.
  14. Dairy isn’t good for us. Most diseases grow in mucus, which is produced by dairy.
  15. You can’t rush God’s timing, so you might as well chill and pray for patience.
  16. God puts people in your life for you to love. Even if they’re hard for you to love, do it, sincerely.
  17. People deserve second chances.
  18. It doesn’t matter who called who last. Check up on your distant friends.
  19. “I’m sorry IF I hurt you” isn’t an apology. “I’m sorry I hurt you” is.
  20. Save money to travel. It’s worth it.
  21. Want to start a business? Do your research. Get a mentor. Try your best to do everything right the first time.
  22. Believe in the gift’s God has given you, and put them to WORK.
  23. Always pay your tithes. You can’t beat God giving 🙂
  24. It’s NEVER too late to pursue your dream. As long as you’re alive you still have time.
  25. Starbucks > everything.
  26. All women should live on 5th avenue. Translation: All women should have 5 streams of income.
  27. I’m in love with my husband. Not sure how this is a lesson, but hey, it’s true.
  28. Laughter is the best medicine. Do it often and loud.
  29. And they will know we are Christians by our LOVE FOR ONE ANOTHER. John 13:35
  30. Seasons change. It gets better.
  31. Nothing in life blooms all year long. Be patient with yourself.
  32. God loves me. God is love. Nothing changes that. When I’m in the valley, he loves me. When I’m on the mountaintop, he loves me. When he’s speaking, he loves me. When he’s quiet, he loves me. When I can’t find him, he’s still there, and he loves me.

Happy Birthday to me! Today is also my mother’s birthday. Fun fact: she was on her way to see “Purple Rain” and her water broke. I guess I wanted to see it as well!

Stay golden,



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