Save the Best for Last: You’re Okay


Two Sundays ago I woke up with this song by Vanessa Williams in my head:

“Just when I thought our chance had passed, you go and save the best for last.”

If my life were a movie, this would be the soundtrack. Indeed.

I remember when I had to drop out of Columbia College Chicago, while looking at everyone else around me continue their education. I was confused and hurt. Gosh, just thinking about that sad time in my life, makes me want to travel back in time and hug my 18-year-old self.

I’m also reminded of my love life. From ages 21-26, I was deeply hurt. While everyone “seemed” to be in committed relationships that were leading to engagements and ultimately marriage, I suffered with rejection and feeling like God forgot about me. What a shame.

And then there’s my career. My first “real job” after college was far from glamorous. I worked on the far South side of Chicago, at an after school program, with students who challenged my patience EVERY SINGLE DAY. I cried a lot during that season. I knew I was meant to be a writer. I knew there had to be more than what I was experiencing, but I felt stuck.

Fast forward to today. I still come in last. And to be honest, I can’t say I’m happy about that. However, with EVERY situation in my life, I can look back and clearly see the intricate hand of God moving in my life.

I graduated from college at the age of 24. I was basically the last single girl among my friends to get married, and it currently feels like everyone has started the motherhood journey, but me. BUT… it all adds up and has purpose.

I believe God strategically placed that song on my heart in this season, for myself, and for you.

You’d be surprised at how many people are walking around believing they’re insignificant. Maybe you didn’t have a chance to obtain your college degree, because…life happens. Or maybe you feel stuck in the same job, doing the same routine. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. While everyone else “seems” to be moving ahead in life, you yearn for change, and tired of coming in last.

As someone who has majored in “coming in last”, trust me, it may not change. But as the old folks used to say “You’ll understand it, by & by”.

Sometimes God answers your prayer with a “No”, and that’s okay. Sometimes God is silent, and it drives us CRAZY, but teaches us to quiet everything around us and seek Him more. And sometimes, God saves the best for last.

You’re okay. You’re not a loser. You’re not forgotten. You’re not rejected. You’re last, and you’re the best.

Stay golden,


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