Have you registered for The Online Single’s Conference yet?


Despite how you feel, your single season is the most important season of your LIFE.

Some of you know, that I know the above statement to be true. If you’ve read my book “When God Said Yes”, you know my story. I WISH I wouldn’t have wasted most of my singleness wondering when my husband would find me, instead of getting prepared. Nope, I had to learn the hard way. But you don’t!

I’m so happy to announce I’m one of the speakers for The Online Single’s Conference! Seriously, this line up is SUPER dope. If I wasn’t a speaker, I’d definitely attend! Heather Lindsey, Lamar Tyler & Ronnie Harris Tyler from Black and Married With Kids, His & Her Money, and more!

And guess what?

There’s a special offer going on until February 7th! Prices will go up afterwards, so you should register now!

Click here to register.


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