I’ve Partnered With AT&T for “28 Days” Campaign & Here’s Why You Should Care

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Forget what Stacey Dash says, or in the words of Gabrielle Union “Who is Stacey Dash?”, it’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s Black History Month! My family and friends know I absolutely LOVE Black History Month. Maybe it’s because I attended a grammar school that made us sing “Lift Every Voice and Sing” EVERY morning. Or maybe it’s because we would have Black History competitions every February, forcing us to “level up” and learn our Black History facts. Of course I won, like every year 🙂 OR, maybe it’s the fact that my father would take me to the DuSable Museum here in Chicago, purchase me books written and illustrated by African Americans, and consistently remind me that I was a Black princess (I love you Daddy). Whatever it may be, here I am at the age of 31, and Black History Month is a time of celebration, educating, and thriving in my blackness. #BlackByChoice #BlackLivesMatter #BlackGirlMagic #BlackBlackBlack *twirls*

This is why I was beyond stoked when AT&T asked me to participate in their “28 Days” campaign. Why? Don’t get me started. Do you know besides Stacey Dash, there are plenty of people who fail to understand why there’s a need for Black History Month? I’ve actually had a chance to speak with individuals who express these sentiments and I can honestly say it’s birthed from pure ignorance, which is okay. We’re all ignorant until we’ve been enlightened, which is exactly what the “28 Days – Moments that Matter” campaign will do.

Now in its eighth year, AT&T 28 Days is a project close to all of our hearts at AT&T. We’re proud to put a special focus on celebrating how African-Americans have impacted our culture and highlighting those we believe will have an impact in the future.

Whether it’s me being a first-generation student to graduate from college or being alive to see America have its first Black president, my mind is overflowing with moments that truly matter. AT&T is encouraging us to share these moments online to create a beautiful quilt rich with African American culture. But wait, there’s more…

You’ll also have a chance to win prizes by simply sharing your “moments that matter” via social media. Yep. Prizes include a smart watch, a smart phone, and more. For more information, click here.

What’s a moment that matters to you? I’d LOVE to know. Share below and be sure to use the #ATT28Days when sharing online.

Happy Black History darlings. And in the words of @Deray “I love my Blackness. And yours.”

I really do.


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